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Hi girls. At last I am back to blogging. So today's review is on the most raved and hyped Urban Decay's Ocho Loco set 2. This is going to be a quick review that will cover all the important pros and cons. It was a limited edition as it came out last year during Christmas season, I know I know i am too late for its review but luckily its still available in some stores like Ulta, Macy,s, Sephora so not that much late.  Right? :)

According to Urban Decay's Website:

Description: When we launched our original Ocho Loco set last year, we knew it would be popular—but we had no idea just how popular. The frenzy was so out of control that we’re still getting a ton of requests for it (a year later!).

“Ocho Loco” means “Crazy Eight” in Spanish, which sums up the shades in this sequel perfectly. Play it tame (but not boring) with edgier-than-average neutrals. Smoke it up with our deepest, blackest black. Experiment with trippy-cool acid brights. From returning faves like Deep End and Perversion to new, destined-for-cult-status shades like Ultraviolet and Mars, this set has it all. And no matter which shade you choose, our creamy, award-winning 24/7 formula glides on smoothly and dries down to a long-lasting finish.

Since we rarely do full-size pencil sets, this set is a true collector’s item. But the craziest part has to be the price: $59 for eight full-size pencils that would cost you $152 if you bought them individually. (Not that you could anyway, since five of the shades are exclusives.) And it comes with a never-before-seen neon-green Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener (exclusive to this set).

Ocho Loco 2 comes nestled in a tray adorned with a sophisticated rainbow of X-rayed flowers and has a clear outer box so you can see all the amazing shades inside. Like all our 24/7 pencils, shade-matched barrels make it easy to find the exact color you’re looking for (even in the depths of an oversized tote).

What You See Is What You Get:
Roach (deep copper brown shimmer), Twice Baked* (rich brown satin w/gold micro-sparkle), Crave* (deepest, darkest brown-black matte), Perversion (blackest black matte), Deep End (bright metallic peacock shimmer), Mars* (bright metallic green shimmer), Ultraviolet* (bright blue-violet shimmer) and Tornado* (dark eggplant pearl).

*New and exclusive shade. 

Fill Weight: 8 x 1.2 g NET WT. 8 x 0.04 oz

My Thoughts: I have never tried them before but i must admit that i became a huge fan of Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils after having these, As living in Pakistan  we all know we do not have counters for most international brands locally to try before buy so we have to pick up stuff very carefully after reading reviews on different blogs, but i believe no matter how much we make sure things each and every thing before purchase sometimes it can turn out to be not as good as we have assumed, but in this case i am really impress.
I mean everything is just perfect, their texture, smoothness, pigmentation, longevity each and everything is perfect. Hands down to it, it is by far the creamiest pencils i have tried. Over to the swatches:
1- Left to right: Mars, Tornado, Deep End, Ultraviolet, Crave, Twice Baked, Roach, Perversion and Grindhouse Sharpener
3- Indoor Swatches, Left to Right:  Crave, Twice Baked, Roach, Perversion, Mars, Tornado, Deep End, Ultra Violet
4- Outdoor Swatches, same sequence

Crave: It is dark brown colour, finish is matte and opaque. 

Twice Baked: It is medium dark brown colour with fine champagne shimmer

Roach: Is copper brown colour, i would say it doesn't show up much on my eyelids as liner but it will brighten eyes if applied on water line

Perversion: Hands down, The most opaque, creamier and pigmented black eye pencil.

Mars: Is and emerald green with creamy texture and opaque pigmentation

Tornado: It is not as opaque as i expected it to be, but can be buildable in 2 3 swipes, matte finish. A nice egg plant kinda colour.

Deep End: Turquoise blue with opaque pigmentation and creamier texture

Ultra Violet: My favourite of them in coloured ones, it is dual tone with some blue purple kinda look. It is creamier in texture but not that much opaque but can be buildable.

Grindhouse Sharpener: It became my favourite sharpener as i can also sharp my NYX jumbo pencils with it very easily no more depotting. Phew! 

Longevity: These eyeliners can last up to 8 hours without smudging or rubbing. I tried them under running water for 1 min to see how much water proof these are, and these didn't smudged at all.

Price: $59

I got mine through facebook page Shopaholic.

Drop me a comment, i would be more than happy to see your opinions :)

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  1. This looks great! very pigmented
    need to try this! :))

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  2. Such an informative post ;) love it and iam surely going to try this set sometime and buy it :)

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