Friday, 16 August 2013


Hi girls. Today I am here with an exciting post on an event held by PAKISTANI BEAUTY BLOGGERS COMMUNITY for all the approved PAKISTANI bloggers around the world.
F.Y.I it was a fun event of exchanging eid gifts among the fellow bloggers with keeping in mind not to reveal sender's name. The person receiving gifts will guess who sent those to her. This was all loaded with fun,excitement and suspense. Shall we began with gifts pictures?

One interesting thing happens to me that I received those gifts right after the next day of my birthday so the swap part was totally remove from my mind because I was already getting gifts from my friends by tcs so I assumed it as one of them and  was expecting to receive my swap after eid. When I got this, I was getting ready for a visit to parlour for mehndi, I was in so hurry that I just saw this without opening the box and thought that somebody has sent me those as a birthday present. Later on when I came home lately it was vanished from my mind, I was on bed for sleep then suddenly remembered OMG I received some gift today, lets have a look. I opened the lights of my room, take out the box and opened it, a big surprise was waiting for me underneath those bath stuff and when I remove those bottles I instantly realize that this is my swap gifts.
Believe me, I loved loved loved each and everything. I could not simply and formally say thanks for that. As everything was picked,wrapped and sent with so much love. I got everything which was in my wishlist with some nice addition of other goodies. Those NYX lip glosses are of so different colors so its a nice addition in my lip gloss collection. Further the nail color looks awesome. I even wore that immediately for eid and it was complementing with mehndi so well. It was a great experience of my life. And I failed to guess my partner's name :(.
It was NAIMAL of PEACHY POUT. Thanks alot for sending me those amazing gifts. Here is a link to her blog:

And in last I would like to thank Sarah and Rabeeyah (Admin of PBBC) for arranging this wonderful event. It was great fun. :)